RB Editor’s Selections: Cyborg rats, Cicadas and birds, Triggered Earthquakes and Trapping Anti-matter

Sarah Kendrew Sarah Kendrew selects interesting and notable ResearchBlogging.org posts in the physical sciences, chemistry, engineering, computer science, geosciences and mathematics. She blogs about astronomy at One Small Step.

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Welcome to a new week, here are some choice picks from the world of physical sciences.

On Neurobonkers this week, we learn about a robot powered by a rat brain. My mind is officially blown.

When cicadas take over the skies, what happens to other sky dwellers? Hannah Waters of Culturing Science writes about research into bird populations during cicada swarms, with rather unexpected results.

Highly Allochthonous blogger Chris Rowan talks through the evidence for earthquakes triggering other earthquakes, and discusses possible mechanisms.

Last year, CERN researchers manager to trap anti-hydrogen atoms, which was an excellent and interesting feat. Ryan describes this work and more recent progress in the trapping of anti-matter on his blog, A Quantum of Knowledge.

Thanks for all the great posts, and I’ll be back next week with more selections.