RB Editor’s Selections: Quantum Physics and the g-Factor, Feisty Anemones, And Turbulence Explained

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On Uncertain Principles, Chad Orzel tells an entertaining story about new measurements of the so-called g-factors of subatomic particles, which relate their angular momentum to magnetic properties. Recent results of such measurements have provided successful verification of some of the fundamental principles of quantum physics.

I’m a big fan of the awesome quirkiness of life in our oceans reported on the Deep Sea News blog. This week, Dr. M. reports on recent findings of anemomes off the Malaysian coast getting the better of the slugs that prey on them. With beautiful pictures, and a soundtrack.

Aatish Bhatia on Empirical Zeal delves into the fascinating subject of fluid dynamics and turbulence. He reports on work stretching over more than a century, and provides some excellent context to why these studies matter.