RB Editor’s Selections: Coaxial Lasers, The Moonless Earth, And Origins of Life

Sarah Kendrew Sarah Kendrew selects interesting and notable ResearchBlogging.org posts in the physical sciences, chemistry, engineering, computer science, geosciences and mathematics. She blogs about astronomy at One Small Step.

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On All That Matters, Joerg Heber writes about a neat variation on the familiar coaxial cable: the coaxial laser. A new member of the family of light emitters with a host of potential applications.

How would the Earth have evolved without its Moon? Greg Fish describes how life on Earth might have been dramatically different without our little companion - though possibly still present.

Thinking about the origins of life has never been more topical, now that we’re learning about the strange new worlds all around us. On the Genealogy of Religion blog, this interesting post talks about pioneering experiments in this area.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back next Monday with more selections.