.Astronomy Unproceedings

In the last few .Astronomy conferences we’ve shied away from producing conference proceedings in the classical form – authors hate writing them, organisers hate editing them, and they end up gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. But as we feel the conference is quite unique in its scope, content and format, we wanted to leave some kind of record – for ourselves, for our participants and to inform everyone else what happens at .Astro and why they should take an interest. So in the last few months a group of .Astro organisers and alumnae/i, including myself, put together a legacy document about last summer’s Heidelberg conference. And in .Astro style, we’ve called this the .Astronomy Unproceedings. The document was posted to astro-ph at the end of January, go read it here.

And while I’m on the subject, there’s only about a week left to sign up for .Astronomy 5, which will take place from 16 to 18 September in Cambridge, MA. It’s been very cool to discuss the plans for the next event (without having to worry about all the local planning!). We’re always looking to diversify in every possible way – skills, ideas, background, geography, profession, gender, age etc. So whatever you can bring, please sign up on the form and tell us about it.