My name is Sarah Kendrew and I’m a Postdoc in astronomy at the University of Oxford in the UK. This blog is about all things that interest me – research, science & society, the web, culture, running, and combinations of the above. Posts about my own work are here.

Please say hello to me on Twitter. My professional home page is here.

I occasionally guest write in The Guardian and I’ve shared some tips on the Astrobetter blog.


  1. phoenixpics says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Quick invite to take a look at my blogs…




    Great blog you have here!

    All the best,


  2. Thanks Stu, I will!

  3. Hello Sarah

    I like the work you are doing here, and particularly your survey about fraud. Thank you also for linking to my blog on your sidebar and elsewhere. I had a few thoughts about misconduct in physics and astronomy, and how/why that differs from misconduct in medicine. It may be helpful (or even publishable) to tease out some of those differences. I couldn’t find an E-mail address on your blog, but if you wish, send me an E-mail.

  4. Hi Sarah!

    If you have time, check out my cosmo blog:


    Also, if you have twitter, follow the links to my page and we can network so I can gain regular updates on your blog!


  5. Hi,

    Love your cool blog. I’ll check back often.


    Daniel, The Physics Groupie

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  8. Hello Sarah,

    I discovered your blog this evening. it is very interesting.
    I got a link with a not existing page in your “about” page on the link “here” in the following sentence :
    “Posts about my own work are here.”


  9. @Michel thanks for pointing it out – fixed now.

  10. Sarah,

    Comments appear to be closed on your recent post about software/software repositories. I have a good bit to say on that subject, won’t here, but direct you to the following:



  11. Britta-Karin Engberg says:

    I really enjoyed your post on Impostor syndrome which I just found and would really have needed it 30 years ago. Now I’ll show it to my sons instead, and hope they’ll benefit from it.

    Have a nice day


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